Nightlife down? Fear not! We bring the beats to you!

Enjoy an entirely new party experience from the cosiness of your living room. Keep those dancing shoes and a fizzy G&T at the ready to dance it off to Luxembourgs leading turntable maestros because WEBTAXI has partnered up with the freshest DJs in town to keep you entertained and safe.


Get in the groove, check out our timeline and turn the volume up!

Performing DJs

Give it up for Luxembourg’s leading DJs


Jack of all trades and 5 time Luxembourg Nightlife Award winning DJ Dee is one of the best booked DJs in the country. Like no one else he knows how bring that open format style to your party!

Flex Diamond

With his exceptional skills and individual style, Flex Diamond can make an entire room fall in love and can transform it into a melting dancing pot!


DJing is not only a boy’s thing. Prime example for this statement is 23-year old female newcomer Tzunamy. Indeed, music has been omnipresent in her life and it is pure enthusiasm and passion that initiated this young adventure. She helps you losing it at night with her pumping tech house beats and brings you dancy melodic house mixes at after work or day events. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing with her.

Dj Bisi

Introducing Mr Dynamic. Dj Bisi made a name for himself by playing quality gigs all over Germany. These days, he’s been rocking high class venues from Europe to the US, from Africa to Asia. All Bisi wants, is to spread that love for music with as many as possible!

This could be you!

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